RE: Change proposals for issue-152

On Wed, 23 Mar 2011, Sean Hayes wrote:
> Since it is marked as destined for a CSS editor, it seems that at least 
> in the past this idea of "fix at time of layout and avoid overlaps" was 
> deemed to be in scope for CSS.

Where in the platform it is specified seems irrelevant to the technical 
aspects of what it says.

> There is no indication that A and C are from different caption sources

They're not, they're just overlapping cues from the same source. The setup 
I describe is very common in anime subtitling and is one of the commen 
forms of karaoke display.

(FWIW, it would also make sense to support scrolling cues in this kind of 
scenario -- in fact this is the style prevailing in US TV captioning 
systems -- but the same arguments against your proposal apply with that 
kind of overlap-handling too.)

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