Re: Issue 27 and IETF Prague

On Tue, 22 Mar 2011, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:
> The IETF will be meeting next week in Prague and one of the agenda items 
> there will be related to issue 27, rel ownership [1]. It is very likely 
> that the meeting will lead to results that could influence the current 
> straw poll for objections [2]. Therefore, Mark Nottingham, wearing his 
> IETF liaison hat, suggested that we might want to move the deadline for 
> the survey in light of IETF Prague.
> Would the Chairs be willing to move the deadline for [2] to be April 
> 1st, instead of March 24?

If we're going to be moving deadlines around, it may also be worth 
allowing an additional change proposal to be submitted. One of the ideas 
that has been discussed recently (and which to me sounds rather better 
than any of the proposals on the table) is to have the spec be the main 
registry, with an openly-editable registry being used just to queue up 
proposals in a way that avoids name-clashes. This would more closely align 
with how things have been done in practice -- we need to handle the case 
of proposals being made but never implemented or used (or even sometimes 
specified), which just clutter up the registry and theoretically prevent 
others using the same keyword for other uses; we need to handle the 
judgement of the chairs that a keyword should be removed from the spec, 
which currently is essentially meaningless since the value can just as 
easily be registered; and we need to handle the issue of implementors 
having good guidance for all well-known values, something which the 
current registries fail to do since they don't have anyone responsible 
for making sure the specs are worth anything.

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