Last Call WDs for review by the HTML WG

There are several Last Call WDs that have been published by other W3C WGs that would benefit from a review by members of the HTML WG.  I have listed these below:

1. The SVG Working Group has just published a LCWD of SVG Compositing: 
Please send comments to by 12 April 2011.

2. The WebApps WG has published the following LCWD of  HTML5 Web Messaging: 
Please send all comments to: by 1 June.

3. On March 10, the WebApps WG published the following LCWDs:

a) Web Workers 

b) Server-sent Events 

c) Progress Events 

The comment deadline for Server-sent Events and Web Workers is April 21 and the comment deadline for Progress Events is June 1.

Individual WG members are encouraged to provide individual feedback directly to the SVG and WebApps WG on these LCWDs.

If anyone in the HTML WG wants to propose an official WG response, please do so in reply to this email so the HTML WG can discuss it ASAP.


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Received on Friday, 18 March 2011 21:09:49 UTC