Re: DIAGRAM project and image descriptions

Jonas Sicking, Tue, 15 Mar 2011 14:13:54 -0700:
> As far as I can see aria-describedby addresses this use case. I
> believe ARIA is no explicitly supported by HTML5 drafts.

Now I am surprised. Care to explain? See my concrete questions below.

>> On 2/25/11, Geoff Freed wrote:

>>> [ ... ] bear in mind that long descriptions are 
>>> typically produced after the original content has been published. 

Jonas, when produced after the original, how would you use 

>>> Furthermore, those hosted descriptions will be living documents which 
>>> may need to be improved upon in a collaborative and moderated 
>>> fashion. [...]

Jonas, how can aria-describedby address the use case of a description 
that lives on another page?
leif halvard silli

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