Re: Proposal for <canvas src> to allow images with structured fallback by Tab Atkins Jr.

On 10/03/2011 13:47, Steve Faulkner wrote:
> Hi Leif,
>> Viable solution to which problem?
> What I think is important is that a robust , programmatic method for
> providing structured text alternatives for non text content is provided in
> HTML5.
> Whether that is via longdesc or some other mechanism is immaterial. If
> longdesc is included in HTML5 but fails to be specced/implemented to be
> useful and robust then it will be a failure.

I agree.

> your wrote:
> "But, once again, which @role would the canvas@src in Tab's example get?
> <canvas src="complex-chart.png">
>  <table>
>    -data that the chart represents-
>  </table>
> </canvas>"
> [...] I think the role will depend entirely on the context it is used in.

Again, I agree with Steve.

In fact the role of the <canvas> element could be multifaceted. Take for
example, if <canvas> is used to construct a page with several kinds of
content, such as a chart, some tabular data, images etc. It would not
make sense to map <canvas> to only one specific role.

Do I know what role it should be mapped to? No, but it makes sense (to
me), that <canvas> is like a generic, well canvas, that semantic
elements can be applied to as needed, or at the very least accessed as
fallback if its not supported or whatever.



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