correct and incorrect uses of canvas

hi all,

Accepting that text editing in canvas is not a good idea and buidling
traditional complex UIs in canvas is not a good idea.

Is the use of interactivity in canvas appropriate in any circumstance?

For example are the following correct or incorrect uses of canvas?

interactive graph

drag and drop, resizable objects

UI Dial With Snaps

Visual Knowledge Browser

Handling Click Events On Chart

drag and drop

Sumon WebGL (2d canvas animation fallback)

Sunburst of a Directory Tree

letter pair analysis

If  the above are not considered misuses of canvas, does the current canvas
2d spec provide the means to expose the required information to make the
above accessible to users of AT?

If they are misuses of canvas how can we convince developers not to use
canvas in these ways?


Received on Tuesday, 12 July 2011 19:29:02 UTC