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>> We have an SVG logo and very much want to create CSS and WOFF identities (and others). I understand that we need that accuracy at times, and also that a WG would be the first body to care about i
> Thank you very much for updating the FAQ associated with the new HTML5 logo. It's now clear that the W3C is not using "HTML5" simply as a buzzword for a bunch of unrelated technologies.

Or even *related* technologies.

And yes, thank you very much for updating the FAQ.

> I'd prefer it if the answer to the first question "What does the logo represent?" were "This logo represents *the HTML5 specification*, the cornerstone for modern Web applications" but that's a fairly minor point.

I think the stronger the W3C can take a more precise stance, the
better the communication, and the less the confusion. Perhaps even an
FAQ about "What does the W3C mean by 'HTML5'?" answered with, "'HTML5'
means the HTML5 specification at".

There are additional places where the FAQ (and the logo home page) can
be clarified in this manner, e.g.:


Yes. HTML5 here refers to a broad set of technologies at varying
degrees of adoption and standardization. ...

First, I'm very happy to see W3C firmly support use of HTML5 with
pragmatic caveats (in contrast to the InfoWorld interview).

However, the reference "HTML5 here refers to a broad set of
technologies", while literally true (the HTML5 specification *is* a
broad set of technologies) could also still easily be misinterpreted
to mean the pop/marketing/sloppy bucket meaning that's been promoted
by a few BigCos.  I'd prefer wording more like:

Yes. The HTML5 specification contains a broad set of technologies at
varying degrees of adoption and standardization. In addition there are
related Web API technologies such as the Geolocation API specification
which in particular is a Candidate Recommendation, is believed to be
stable, and recommended for implementation by the developer community.

Etc. and similar changes on the logo home page

If this kind of feedback is of interest, I'm more than happy to write
up a set of similar suggested edits.



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