Re: Request to reopen HTML-ISSUE-30

Hi Laura,

You wrote:

> This is the data:

This is really well put together, thanks! I'm looking through this,
trying to find information that was unavailable to the Working Group at
the time of the ISSUE-30 decision.

* In general, Working Group participants were aware that some web
  authors have managed to use longdesc="" correctly, so I so far haven't
  learned anything new in the Examples In the Wild section.

* Use Cases: this is awesome, thanks for pulling these together. While
  these use cases are certainly much more fleshed-out than in the
  original ISSUE-30 proposal[1], I think the spirit of them was covered
  in the original issue. All eight use cases are handled in the spec as
  it currently is, either via aria-describedby="" or other mechanisms.

In conclusion, while I really appreciate the level of care and effort
you've obviously put into this effort, it's not clear to me that there's
any substantially new information available at this time.

Edward O'Connor


Received on Thursday, 24 February 2011 18:10:12 UTC