HTML5 Feedback: Interoperable connectivity events firing?

Looking at implementing interoperable online and offline events for IE9...

Seems the HTML5 definition and various existing browsers behave somewhat differently. Are there plans for other browsers to change behavior to match the spec? Or should the spec be updated to match the interoperable behavior (if any)?

"Working Offline" in Firefox 3.6.3: "offline" event fired at the target=HTMLBodyElement, bubbles to HTMLDocument -> Window (fired on all three objects).
in Chrome 4.1.249 - not implemented?
in Opera 10.51 - "offline" event fired at the Window (only), with target=HTMLDocument, and currentTarget=Window
in HTML5 Spec (see 5.6.9 Browser state) - "offline" event fired at the Window (only) with target=Window, currentTarget=Window

Received on Wednesday, 19 May 2010 21:57:39 UTC