Re: comments on the polyglot spec

In general, parsing of all Turing-complete code should be out of

In general, people include  Turing-complete code in Web pages
served on the wire.

In general, HTML  needs mechanisms to identify --- and possibly
protect islands of Turing-complete code.

Singling out PHP  as an example, is a mistake.

Julian Reschke writes:
 > On 19.05.2010 13:27, Henri Sivonen wrote:
 > > However, a .php file is not an HTML file with PHP inside. It's a PHP program with pieces of HTML source in special string literal and echo function syntactic sugar inside the PHP program.
 > >
 > > If editing PHP programs were considered to be within the charter if this WG, I'd expect those who have previously objected to e.g.<canvas>  being within charter to object even more forcefully now. :-)
 > For the record: I agree that parsing and conformance of PHP are out of 
 > scope, the same way it would be as for XSLT or JSP.
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