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> Hi there,
> Here are a few comments on "HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring
> Guidelines" [1].
> *  I am extremely circumspect about section 2 forbidding the use
>     of processing instructions in a polyglot document. Polyglot
>     documents served through a PHP processor use processing
>     instructions and will then be not editable by editing
>     environments following the guidelines...

PHP documents are not HTML or XHTML documents before they are processed by  
the PHP processor. The fact that PHP's magic strings look like XML  
processing instructions is a distraction. They're not XML processing  
instructions. For instance, the following is perfectly OK PHP:

<foo bar="<?php echo 'hello'; ?>"/>

But not well-formed XML.

Even <?='hello';?> is, or can be (depending on the settings in the  
server), OK PHP but not well-formed XML.

Think of PHP like other server-side templating languages that use other  
syntax such as [% %] or <% %> and so forth.

> *  section 1 implies a polyglot document cannot be a frameset???

Frameset isn't allowed in either HTML5 or XHTML5, so there's no need to  
mention framesets in this document.

> *  typo in 1st sentence of 5.1.1, "pasrsers" instead of "parsers"
> *  first sentence of section 5.2 mentions CSS but none of the prose
>     in that section applies to CSS ; CSS is not a normative reference.
> *  in section 5.2.3, I have no idea what is an "Attribute character".
>     This is undefined in normative references to the document or anywhere
>     else in the spec.
>     similarly, I have no idea what is an "attribute letter" because
>     this is undefined in normative references or anywhere else in the
>     spec.
> *  in section 5.3, first code example in parenthesis is not an
>     empty paragraph, it contains a text node with one whitespace...
> * I recommend mentioning in section 8 that linking to an external
>     stylesheet using the xml-stylesheet PI is not allowed as per
>     section 2.
> [1]  
> </Daniel>

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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