Re: ISSUE-4 - versioning/DOCTYPEs

Daniel Glazman, Tue, 18 May 2010 13:28:42 +0200:
> Le 18/05/10 02:02, Leif Halvard Silli a écrit :
>>> I think what Leif would like is some way to indicate in-document that
>>> the document should be edited in polyglot mode so that all editors
>>> would automatically do that.
>> Indeed, this is pretty close to what I want.
> So to know to open the document (in other terms, what's the mimetype you
> need), you need to first open the document, parse it, detect some magic
> inside and possibly close and reopen the document? Hum, to say the
> least.

Hum, KompoZer does so today, doesn't it? Expcept, of course, that it 
does not "close and reopen" anything - I don't know where you take that 
from. Just look at how KompoZer (and I believe NVU) behave today.
leif halvard silli

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