Re: ISSUE-4 - versioning/DOCTYPEs

On 17.05.2010 10:57, Henri Sivonen wrote:
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> Use case #3 is already obsolete. HTML parsers that expose XML-parser-compatible APIs are already available, so the content consumer should use an HTML parser instead of an XML parser. Since use case #3 is already obsolete, it's not useful to cater to the use case.
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For the record: I appreciate all the work that you've done in creating 
an HTML5 parser. Really.

But the availability of your work doesn't necessarily mean everybody can 
start using it right away. In many cases, corporate Java developers are 
stuck with whatever the current SDK gives them, and adding a dependency 
on an open-source project just is either impossible or at least very 
very hard.

(And yes, I'm talking from experience)

Best regards, Julian

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