Re: ISSUE-4 - versioning/DOCTYPEs

Le 14/05/10 03:46, Boris Zbarsky a écrit :

> Hold on. We were just talking about wysiwyg HTML/XHTML editors, no?
> Those are very much NOT text editors.

Guys, since you mentioned BlueGriffon, Nvu and Kompozer and since I am
the original guilty one for these three editors, let me say a word.
Leif, what precisely do you miss? A dialog for polyglot documents
allowing to select the editing mode when a document is loaded? A
way to save a document in a given mimetype?

The former might be a serious burden for an editor aimed at the masses.
It could be an add-on though.

I need more input from you to understand more precisely the issue here.


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