Re: ISSUE-4 - versioning/DOCTYPEs

On 5/13/10 10:42 AM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> Example of a need: Gecko/Mozilla based WYSIWYG editors KompoZer, NVU
> and BlueGriffon do not respect a document's XHTML syntax unless there
> is a specific XHTML DOCTYPE.

Even if the file has an XHTML mime type?  If so, they're just broken. 
If the file has an HTML MIME type, then "XHTML syntax" doesn't make sense.

> XHTML5 doesn't have a specific XHTML doctype

But it does have a MIME type.

> One could say that XHTML5 specifications are allowed to create DOCTYPEs
> for use in text/html

If it's text/html, then XHTML5 has nothing to do with it.


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