RE: ISSUE-88 - Change proposal (new update)

CE Whitehead, Tue, 11 May 2010 19:56:51 -0400:

> "continues to be legal"
> => 
> "continue to be legal"


> { COMMENT:  much, much improved! Thanks Leif and Fantasai!  (: is my 
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Thanks. But it is updated it again. Less wordy, I hope.

 Primary changes are:

(1) replaced 'pragmae-set default language'
        (and 'single pragma-set audience language')
        with 'pragma-set locale language'

   (Alt: 'document locale language' could also be possible')

   Why 'locale language'? 
* 'Locale' is a known term. 
* 'audience language' is not well defined, I think, 
   but in practice fairly synonymous with 'locale language'. 
*  That multiple locale languages can result in a 'unknown locale
   language' when they are more than one, also makes some sense.
*  It doesn't make sense that multiple audience languages ends up
   as 'unknown audience languages'. 
*  It is well known that e.g. an application might be intended for 
   a certain locale, but still be presented to the users of that 
   locale in a language that is not considered typical for that 
* 'Locale' also represents things that are independent of the 
   languag. E.g. currency, time zone, laws etc. Which again
   might be the reason for adapting an English doc for. e.g. a
   German locale.
*  For 'those in the know', it is immediately clear that the 
  'locale language' of a document, might not correspond to the 
   document language of that document. 
* 'locale language(s)' is also a term that has meaning when it 
   comes to content negotiation, which is a situation where
   there often is a correspondence between localization and 
   language preference

It is intentional that 'locale language' crashes a bit with 'document 
language'. Authors *should* feel that it is not quite right to see use 
the locale language as document language. The current term, 'pragma-set 
default language' has a positive value that is unwanted.

(2) Shorter explanation of what the pragma is
(3) A longer informational note about how to use Content-Language and 
its pitfalls.
(4) Definition of Content-Language as a list w/one or more items.
leif halvard silli

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