RE: Prep for Heartbeat Drafts

I fully expect that the polyglot document will be ready for FPWD by the end of the month.

I've incorporated most of the actionable feedback from mail and will finish up the rest shortly. I've also opened bugs 9683, 9684, and 9685 to track progress on three issues that did not have clear consensus from the working group:
*tbody elements
*textarea and pre elements
*Empty elements

Though I may get surprised, I think that we can get resolution relatively quickly on these.



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> Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 10:10 AM
> To: HTML WG; Ian Hickson; Manu Sporny; Michael(tm) Smith; Anne van
> Kesteren; Eliot Graff
> Subject: Prep for Heartbeat Drafts
> Last time, it took about a month from the initial Call for Consensus to
> the actual publication.  It's now about a month before the three-month
> heartbeat cycle from the last round.  The co-chairs are therefore
> asking
> each editor which drafts they think will be ready for a new Working
> Draft by roughly the end of the month:
>   * HTML5
>   * HTML+RDFa
>   * HTML Microdata
>   * HTML Canvas 2D Context
>   * HTML: The Markup Language
>   * HTML5 diffs from HTML4
> While there is no requirement that the Polyglot draft be included in
> this cycle, an update on the plans and outlook for this document would
> also be appreciated at this time.
> - Sam Ruby

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