Re: Timed tracks

On 05/06/2010 05:25 PM, John Foliot wrote:
> Continue to expect significant and vocal opposition to this newly
> re-invented Time-stamp wheel, which apparently sprang to life earlier this
> week from the editor of the WHAT WG, as a complete and total surprise to
> Media Captioning experts and Accessibility specialists of all stripes within
> the W3C (such as Geoff, who's years of involvement within NCAM/WGBH - the
> 'inventors' of captioning for television "video media" - carries significant
> weight, research and experience when it comes to understanding both user
> requirements, as well as an understanding of implementation issues).

I said this in the telecon a few hours ago, and I will say it again: by 
any chance is this opposition going to take any actionable form, such as 
a bug report?

If you want this section removed, a bug report is the right next step.

If you expect this to be escalated, a bug report is still the right next 

If if you wish to prevent a heartbeat document going to go out with the 
existing WebSRT section in it, a bug report is still the right next step.

If you want the decision policy to be changed to prevent such additions 
from occurring without prior discussion, I will maintain that writing a 
bug report on this specific WebSRT section still the right next step.  I 
find that it is much more effective to discuss the need for change based 
on tangible problems that actually occurred rather than hypothetical 
worst case scenarios.

> JF

- Sam Ruby

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