Re: Timed tracks

On Thu, 2010-05-06 at 13:49 -0400, Geoff Freed wrote:
>         But since XSL:FO is based on CSS, would it be such a large
>         amount of work to define mappings of the former to the
>         latter?  In the TTML spec, links are provided to the XSL:FO
>         elements, which themselves are linked to the appropriate CSS
>         references.

There are differences between XSL FO and CSS. Several values provided in
the XSL FO aren't supported in the CSS specifications and are thus
impossible to map into a HTML+CSS engine, like in text-decoration. In
addition, the innovation happening in CSS isn't happening in the XSL FO
world as far as I know and XSL FO is no where to have the same numbers
of properties that one can find in CSS. For example, you can't use
text-shadow, advanced box model, border-radius, transition effects, or
media queries in TTML. There is no support for selectors or @font-face


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