Re: ISSUE-27, was: I-D Action:draft-nottingham-http-link-header-09.txt

On 29.04.2010 15:54, Julian Reschke wrote:
> Hi,
> here's a quick update: the IESG discussed this last Thursday, and there
> are few ongoing discussions about the registry prodecure/requirements,
> and the way the old Atom link relation types are carried over.
> See
> <>
> for the details.
> It's hard to predict exactly how long it will take to proceed; it
> appears that minimally a new draft will need to be submitted that
> addresses some of the questions that were asked.
> ...

In the meantime, Mark Nottingham has produced a new draft (see 
and there seems to be IESG support for the changes. I expect that formal 
approval will happen soon. The next step will then the creation of the 
new registry and the discussion mailing lists, and the publication as 
RFC (which may take a few weeks depending on the RFC Editor queue length).

Best regards, Julian

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