Re: HTML-A11Y Task Force Recommendation: ISSUE-31 Missing Alt

Hi Jonas,

> For what it's worth, I think both the change proposal from Laura [1]
> and the current spec text, is too complicated and a degradation
> compared to HTML4.

I agree about the complexity.

> The 'alt' attribute is, as far as I can think of, the most successful
> bolt-on accessibility attribute in any version of HTML. In part I
> think this is due to the simple message we've conveyed to authors:
> "All images require an alt attribute". I don't think any of the change
> proposals (including the no-change change proposal) has demonstrated
> that there is any problem that needs to be solved with that
> recommendation from HTML4.
> If no one else writes a change proposal to this effect, I hope I'll
> have time to.

I would be happy to collaborate with you and others on this, Jonas.

Kindest Regards,


Laura L. Carlson

Received on Tuesday, 4 May 2010 08:58:12 UTC