Re: WebKit feedback on ISSUE-100 (remove srcdoc)

On 7/19/10 5:35 AM, Adam Barth wrote:
> One of the challenges with implementing HTML5 incrementally is
> deciding when "probably mostly correct" is good enough.

Yes.  It's unfortunate that the spec is written in such a way that this 
is very hard to determine.

> As implementations converge towards representations that more closely
> match the models in the spec, these sorts of things become easier.

I'm not sure they necessarily do...  Especially because the spec changes 
said models every so often.

>> P.S.  Of course in other UAs the implementation burden can also be greater
>> depending on what infrastructure is in place already.  For example, Gecko
>> hasn't really had to have an infrastructure for loading random data into
>> browsers while making it look like a navigation to a url, sort of, so tat
>> would have to be created to implement srcdoc.
> Isn't that the problem that WYCIWYG solves in Gecko?

Sort of, yes.  But changing the behavior of wyciwyg wrt things like the 
URI it exposes is not that simple.  We _might_ be able to get away with 
hacking up wyciwyg to handle this case, but it'd be delicate work on 
code that has unknown web compat constraints.  All doable, obviously.  I 
think we need the infrastructure I mention above anyway.


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