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Re: i18n Polyglot Markup/NCRs (7th issue)

From: Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 06:35:02 -0700 (PDT)
To: Leif Halvard Silli <xn--mlform-iua@xn--mlform-iua.no>
Cc: public-html <public-html@w3.org>, Eliot Graff <eliotgra@microsoft.com>, public-i18n-core@w3.org, Henri Sivonen <hsivonen@iki.fi>
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Leif wrote:
> First of all, my comment was to Richard, who suggested that POlyglot
> markup should "favor" hexadecimal NCRs.

I think neither decimal nor hexadecimal can be preferred over the other on polyglot grounds, so the publication shouldn't prefer one over the other.

> A possible answer to your question is found in Sam's messages [1][2].
> He suggest only to allow UTF-8 as encoding of polyglot markup.

That steps outside logical inferences from specs to determine what's polyglot. The logical inferences lead to a conclusion that polyglot documents can be constructed using UTF-8 and using UTF-16.

There are other reasons to prefer UTF-8 over UTF-16, but polyglotness isn't one of them, so the WG shouldn't pretend that it is.

Henri Sivonen
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