Re: WebKit feedback on ISSUE-100 (remove srcdoc)

On 7/17/10 9:09 PM, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> It would also be useful to hear from other implementors about their thoughts on @srcdoc, as well as the related @sandbox and @seamless features.

My first (well, and second and third) impression is that the spec around 
these is structured in the following form, more or less:

   1) Do A.
   2) Except if B don't actually do A; do A' instead.
   3) Except if C then B is replaced by B' in condition 2 and A'
      is replaced by A''.

It's one of the hardest-to-read spec texts I've dealt with in a while. 
I can't comment further than that yet, after several hours of trying to 
map out what all the interdependencies are.


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