Re: HTML CHANGE PROPOSAL; change definition of URL to normative reference to IRIBIS

On 26.02.2010 03:45, Larry Masinter wrote:
> With regard to ISSUE-56, ACTION-171:
> ....

I support this change proposal, because it will allow us to make 
progress on a problem we've been aware of for over a year now, and on 
which we haven't made any progress for a long time.

In particular, right now, HTML5 has a normative reference to a spec 
(WEBADDRESSES) that nobody seems to own, and on which it's apparently 
impossible to get feedback.

There are certain details in the change proposal that I think will need 
adjustment (such as where to draw the line between the two specs), but 
the best way to get there is to apply this change proposal, and then to 
file bugs on both specs going forward.

Reminder -- the IRI Working Group currently is scheduled to meet on 
Friday, March 26, in Anaheim (<>).

Best regards, Julian

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