Re: Issue 32 and Issue 93 dependency

On Feb 25, 2010, at 1:32 PM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> Reading the HTML Accessibility TF minutes[1] from today, it would  
> seem the proposal to replace the summary attribute with the details  
> element is no longer being pursued.
> I'm not sure what is being pursued. I favor Laura Carlson's change  
> proposal[2] myself, but regardless of where the Accessibility TF  
> goes next, it does look like Issue 93 is no longer a dependency for  
> Issue 32. At least, that's my interpretation of the survey results  
> and the minutes. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.
> This is just a quick note, because I know there was a concern about  
> this dependency and the timelines involved.

Cynthia reported on the telecon today that she's continuing to work on  
this, will have revisions for the TF in about 3 weeks, and thinks she  
may have a proposal for the group within 4 weeks. I have updated the  
issue status page to reflect that: < 

My understanding from the Accessibility Task Force status report  
during the telecon is that neither Cynthia's nor Laura's proposal  
currently has consensus of the TF, and the TF will continue to discuss  
the issue.


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