Re: requesting one more extension

Shelley Powers wrote:
> My apologies to the group and the co-chairs:
> I would like one more extension on the time for the change proposals for 
> issues 89, 90, 91, 92, and 98. I'd like to complete these at the same 
> time as I complete the others, on March 31st. I know the group would 
> prefer not having items handled as a lump, but some of the arguments for 
> some of the items, apply to the others, and I can't help thinking it 
> might actually be beneficial to get all of them finished at once. This 
> has worked in the past for specification edits, and can't help thinking 
> it could also work for change proposals and issues.
> Plus, I'm really pushing against my book deadline, and am concerned now 
> I'll miss it -- something that's not helped by me getting sick.
> I also volunteer, before you even ask the group, to write a change 
> proposal for ISSUE-100, which could also apply to issue 103. I'd finish 
> it at the same time, March 31. In fact, I'm going to try to have all my 
> concerns written in change proposal format by March 31, even if the text 
> is entered into a bug rather than written as part of a change proposal. 
> I figured if it does become an issue and change proposal, the work is 
> done ahead of time.
> I appreciate the group and the co-chairs consideration of this request.

I've updated

I've made the assumption that you meant 95 instead of 98.  If you did 
not mean to include 95 in your list, let me know, and I will revert that 
date back to March 8.

> Shelley

- Sam Ruby

Received on Tuesday, 23 February 2010 18:45:20 UTC