Re: Alternate proposal for ISSUE-30 longdesc

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Feb 2010, Joshue O Connor wrote:
>> I don't like the idea (at all) of the use of elements that are perfectly 
>> legal throwing up warnings at all. People will be given the impression 
>> that they are doing something wrong, so this kind of approach could be 
>> counter productive as rather that reinforcing best practice through the 
>> stick approach, it could put people off using the element/attribute 
>> completely.
> Isn't that the idea? I mean, the whole point here is that they're not 
> "perfectly" legal, they're only legal to the extent that there are cases 
> where they are arguably useful, but in general they shouldn't be used.

It is partially a case of poor implementation - if that is what you
mean. The concept behind @longdesc etc was/is valid we just need to work
out how to fit the needs of users and authors while future proofing the



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