Re: ISSUE-88 / Re: what's the language of a document ?

Roy T. Fielding scripsit:

> In any case, the http-equiv attribute exists for one and only one
> purpose: to associate the metadata name with the HTTP header field
> registry, as opposed to the unbounded name attribute.  It was the
> first incarnation of a profile indicator.  Its named values are defined
> elsewhere, by definition, and thus cannot be redefined by HTML5.
> They are not defined by a WHATWG wiki page.

What you obviously fail to understand is that HTML5 is a browser written
in English (more or less) instead of C++.  It defines its own HTML, it
defines its own HTTP, and doubtless around 2015 it will be defining its
own TCP/IP and all its ancillary protocols as well.  And quite possibly
its own windowing system and keyboard and mouse drivers.  All at the
lowest conceivable level of description.  All you'll have to do is feed
it into the appropriate compiler (also to be defined in the HTML5 spec)
and out will come a working browser.

So why worry about the misuse of a single header?  It's not even the tip
of the iceberg.

John Cowan
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