Re: [Uri-review] ACTION-103 Follow up on the about: scheme Registration

On 09.02.2010 11:19, Lachlan Hunt wrote:
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>> Is that all that remains?
> I'm not aware of anything else.
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One comment, one nit:


"7. Relative "about" URIs

    As "about" URIs do not use a hierarchical path, relative "about" URIs
    are not permitted."

I think this is misleading.

A relative reference, as defined in 
<>, does 
not contain a URI scheme (by definition). So it's meaningless to talk 
about the scheme of a reference.

In doubt, just drop the paragraph.

2) The spec talks a lot about reserved "about:" URIs, but does not state 
how they can be reserved. I understand that there is no process for 
that, and that this is by design, but maybe it should be stated more 

That being said, once the recent comments are addressed I would advise 
to request publication.

Best regards, Julian

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