Re: no change proposal for ISSUE-55, but a new plan for @profile

2010/2/20 Krzysztof Maczyński <>:
> @data-* is Ian's invention and he has some very specific ideas of what you're not supposed to do with them (as in MUST NOT). Of course we won't be sure until he speaks for himself but I believe the WHATWG's vision of @data-* is akin to mine (and (X)HTML's) of @class. I want to be able to exempt class names from being affected by profiles and those who prefer @data-* would likely think similarly for their case. I mean, everybody wants *some* mechanism of this kind at their disposal to be exempted or at least exemptable, right?

Yes, data-* is very specifically supposed to carry *no* semantics and
*not* be useful outside of the page it's written on.  It's nothing
more than an officially blessed way for scripts to embed data they
need directly in the page and have a convenient method of access to


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