Re: aftermath on Bug 8953 URL decomp. IDL attributes when parsing fails

On Feb 18, 2010, at 2:06 PM, Julian Reschke wrote:

> In this case it would mean removing the special case in step 3 of  
> Section 2 of <>. So, instead of:
> "If w begins with either of:
>    * a string matching the <scheme> production, followed by "://"
>    * the string "//"
> then percent-encode any left or right square brackets (U+005B, U 
> +005D, "[" and "]") following the first occurrence of "/", "?", or  
> "#" which follows the first occurrence of "//".
> Otherwise, percent-encode all left and right square brackets."
> it would simply be:
> "Percent-encode all left and right square brackets."

I believe percent-encoding all square brackets will break processing  
of web addresses with an IPv6 IP address as the hostname. It needs to  
at minimum not percent-escape them when they delimit the allowed  
syntax for a URI authority IPv6 address.

I suspect the URL you mentioned fails only as an accidental side  
effect of trying to handle IPv6 addresses correctly.


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