"secret" mailing lists, w3c-archive, scope questions, etc.

Maciej on Saturday 06 February 2010 (speaking for the chairs):

(excerpted and emphasis added by me)



Clarification: We think it is fair game for Working Group members to
apply their opinions of what is in scope in deciding whether to
support or advance work. We would rather not see lengthy discussions
about scope on public-html. If anyone is unhappy with a Working Group
decision because he or she feels a work item is outside the scope of
the charter, then that participant may ask the Chairs to consult with
the Team on the proper interpretation of the Charter. If the
participant is unhappy with the result of that consultation, then the
usual avenues for recording disagreement apply, including stating an
ordinary objection for the record, raising a Formal Objection, or if
he or she feels that due process was not given, report concerns to one
of the Team Contacts.



Maciej on Friday 12 Feb 2010:
(excerpt by me)



Could the authors of the following two additional messages from
w3c-archive please post them here:





Or at least indicate whether they are still operative?


 From perusing the blogs and the twitters, ..



I am the author of message 108 above, to a small list, including W3C
Team members (but not WG chairs). The first line is "To the W3C Team".
It concerns scope and "Status of This Document", a subject the chairs
would rather not see discussed on public-html.   "w3c-archive" was
also cc'd. 


>From http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-archive/ :



The <w3c-archive@w3.org> mailing list is a service to assign
persistent URIs to (copies of) mail messages. This archive may be used
when no other extant archived mailing list is appropriate; in general,
there is no purpose to copying a message to this archive if it is sent
to any other W3C Member list.


Messages copied to this archive are part of the W3C Member Web site
and the corresponding W3C Member
<http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Process/#CGWebSite>  Confidentiality
rules apply. Specifically, 


All documents appearing on the Member Web site must be treated as
confidential within W3C. W3C Members must agree to use reasonable
efforts to maintain this confidentiality and not to release this
information to the general public or press. 






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