Re: BUG 8818 - lack of rationale

On Feb 13, 2010, at 7:55 PM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> Ian marked bug 8818 as WONTFIX, with the following:
> "EDITOR'S RESPONSE: This is an Editor's Response to your comment. If  
> you are
> satisfied with this response, please change the state of this bug to  
> you have additional information and would like the editor to  
> reconsider, please
> reopen this bug. If you would like to escalate the issue to the full  
> Working Group, please add the TrackerRequest keyword to this bug,  
> and suggest
> title and text for the tracker issue; or you may create a tracker  
> issue
> yourself, if you are able to do so. For more details, see this  
> document:
> Status: Rejected
> Change Description: no spec change
> Rationale: I'm happy to remove this attribute from the W3C HTML5  
> specification
> if that's what the working group wants. The last time I removed a  
> feature based
> on a bug report such as this, I started a minor war, however, so I  
> suggest that
> you raise this via the change proposal process if you really feel  
> this way."
> I do not consider this to be a good rationale.

I agree that this is not a proper rationale. The rationale should  
state at least one positive reason for srcdoc. It would be ok to quote  
it from one of the many email messages on the topic.


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