Re: clarification on Adobe Blocking

On Fri, 2010-02-12 at 10:03 -0500, Sam Ruby wrote:
> > As far as we know of, there is no Formal Objection blocking the 
> > publication of HTML5...correct?

Correct. The current objection does not impact the HTML5 specification.
It does however impact the other documents: RDFa, Microsoft, and Context

> I can only say that my understanding is incomplete.  I was not copied on 
> the Formal Objection, and while Paul requested that Larry post the 
> substance of his objection on public-html yesterday, and Larry indicated 
> that he would do so, to the best of my knowledge this has not been done.

We are working at understanding the nature of the objection as well. My
current understanding is that the objection is related to the scope of
the Working Group and which documents are considered to be on the W3C
Recommendation track [1].  Almost all emails related to the formal
objection and relevant for the topic are archived in www-archive or
w3c-archive. The message directly addressed to the team did not contain
the rational but Larry documented the rational for the objection at:

Per section 3.5 of the W3C Process [2], we are required to address the
objection and we intend to do so in a timely manner. At the moment, our
advise to the HTML Working Group co-chairs is to continue the CfC as
planned, and for Larry Masinter to reply to the CfC, as advised by the
HTML WG co-Chairs as well.




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