Re: ACTION-170: Update A11Y timeline for tracker related issues

Hello, Paul:

I must tender my regrets for the February 11 HTML-WG telecon, as I have
a one-time Linux Foundation meeting I need to attend. I plan to be on
the call on the 18th, and away again (at an ISO face to face) on the 25th.

Paul Cotton writes:
> > ACTION-170: Update A11Y timeline for tracker related issues Janina Sajka 2010-02-11
> I am including this ACTION item on this week's WG meeting agenda since we agreed that you would give a report at least every two weeks.
Perhaps Mike or Michael might do that this week?

> Since the content of your oral report was not recorded very well in the minutes two weeks ago, I wonder if you could send a short written update to the WG during or just before the WG meeting on Thu so we have a written record of your report for WG members that cannot attend the meeting.
Well, yes, but it would be hard to make such a written report timely given
that the TF meets immediately preceding the WG. A report before the TF
telecon would not be up to date as our call is a primary communication
mechanism for us. And, a report following the WG telecon might well be
redundant--unless you intend to not discuss TF activity on the WG call?
I would respectfully suggest it might be best to try and fully capture
our reports in the WG minutes--even if it still seems valuable to follow
with written additions.

> Note as well that I am putting the following two open ACTION items under the A11Y TF part of the agenda and it would be useful to get a status update on these "overdue" action items:
Did the WG not refer these to the TF? Else, if these reported directly
to the WG, that would bypass the TF, which we were trying to avoid? My
recollection is that this was the rationale for making Action #170 a
permanent reporting action. Am I wrong?


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> >ACTION-173: Update Change Proposal for ISSUE-31 missing-alt Steve Faulkner 2010-02-10
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