Re: Video copy protection

On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 21:41:37 +0100, Kornel Lesinski <>  

> I understand that any DRM is doomed to fail, but I'm under impression  
> that important content publishers do not. And there's big difference  
> between users casually clicking "Save as" and users sniffing network  
> traffic and reverse-engineering obfuscated JavaScript.

Speaking about security by obscuriry, I have to add that not only is it  
doomed to fail, but also when it's “cracked” by someone, it's enough for  
everyone to use the results of that. For example, although saving a video  
file from YouTube as it is today is a mild reverse engineering task that  
an average user cannot do, the same average user who really wants to save  
that video file is perfectly capable of searching Google for "save YouTube  
video" and using what comes up.

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