Re: Video copy protection

On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 23:44:39 -0000, Silvia Pfeiffer  
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> Most video encapsulation formats, including Ogg and MPEG, already
> provide header fields for adding such informative information. I
> believe the W3C Media Annotations working group is developing a
> standard API for media data, which includes a copyright field.

I think that could work. If UAs read and respected that information, it  
should be robust enough for producers.

Flag in the markup could be carelessly copied&pasted by authors, so  
information embedded in the file itself (where it's harder to set and also  
harder to lose) seems to me like a better solution.

> If that was to be included into HTML5, it would provide an API (probably  
> in
> JavaScript?) that would allow finding out such copyright information.
> Maybe then the Web page author can do something with it? Is there a
> means to disable context menus in browsers?

Disabling of whole context-menu is what I'd like to avoid. It contains  
other options that users care about (mute, full screen), so it would be  
best if UA disabled saving/copying of URL with no loss of other  

regards, Kornel LesiƄski

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