Re: "image analysis heuristics" (ISSUE-66)

2010/2/8 John Foliot <>:
> Matt May wrote:
>> Yes, Ian. There is ample UA accessibility expertise here. All of whom,
>> in this case, you have systematically dismissed or are actively arguing
>> against on this point--including your fellow WHATWG participants.
> Revised count:
> - Strike the text completely and point to UAAG: Maciej, Lachlan, Tab,
> Shelley, Laura, Matt, Chaals, Krzysztof MaczyƄski, Steven Faulkner, myself
> - Leave references to heuristics (OCR) and techniques inside the
> specification: Ian, Sam(?)

I didn't realize that we were keeping counts. However I've previously
expressed that my opinion is that I'm happy to remove any suggestions
for specific accessibility techniques, but I would like to see a
generic paragraph added somewhere in the spec explicitly stating that
implementations are allowed to use any technique deemed appropriate
which improves accessibility of pages.

This in order to not make implementations avoid using any such
techniques out of worry that this would make them non-conforming HTML

Last round it didn't seem that suggestion gathered a lot of support,
so I guess I'll stand as a lone vote in that column though.

/ Jonas

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