Re: "image analysis heuristics" (ISSUE-66)

Shelley Powers wrote:
> ...
> Over my years of working for/with Boeing, Halliburton/Sierra Geophysics, 
> Standard Insurance, Weyerhauser, Nike, Intel, Multnomah County in 
> Oregon, John Hancock, Harvard University, Stanford University, 
> ExpressScripts, and others, most of the competent software engineers I 
> worked with made sure they thoroughly understood what they needed to 
> know, in order to do the job right.
> And most were usually competent enough to a) click a link, and b) 
> understand the concept of a link leading to another reference.
> ...
> Then the browser developers you describe are not what I consider to be 
> competent software engineers. Lazy, comes to mind. 
> (And no, I don't think browser developers are incompetent, or lazy.)
> ...


On the other hand, there's also lazy spec writing (in general, just not 
over here). For instance, many authors - when they link to other specs - 
apparently are too lazy to make their references precise (why should I 
add a section reference when the reader can figure that out him/herself?)

Best regards, Julian

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