Re: "image analysis heuristics" (ISSUE-66)

On Feb 4, 2010, at 6:11 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:

> I've tried to massage the offending paragraph to be less optimistic about 
> future implementation strategies, and have included an additional 
> paragraph condemning any reliance on alt repair techniques.

For reference, the new text is:

User agents may always provide the user with the option to display any image, or to prevent any image from being displayed. User agents may also apply heuristics to help the user make use of the image when the user is unable to see it, e.g. due to a visual disability or because they are using a text terminal with no graphics capabilities. Such heuristics could include, for instance, optical character recognition (OCR) of text found within the image.

Warning! While user agents are encouraged to repair cases of missing alt attributes, authors must not rely on such behaviour. Requirements for providing text to act as an alternative for images are described in detail below.

Does this satisfy people who objected to the original text? (BTW the warning is bright red and set in bold italics. It is also in a completely separate section from the author requirements for alt text.)


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