Re: H:TML Feedback (Re: H:TML draft for FPWD consideration)

> He also said that he has no idea how to use the RUBY element, or 
> what a
> "ruby annotation" was, nor how to use it correctly by looking at the
> H:TML document.

ooh ruby /ruby
ruby, (the <ruby> markup, that is.), ruby, ruby baby, where are you?

With the useful and needed functionality and the neat little stuffs 
that can be done with Ruby annotation, along with its clear presence 
in HTML5, I wonder: Where ruby has gone?

Right now IE does basically a fine job with <ruby> but doesn't do <rp> 
and no longer needs <rb>.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera do not break when <ruby> is
encountered. Fallback is one line of inline text.

Just as a simple example, try this:

<ruby> WWW <rt>World Wide Web</rt></ruby>

Default styling works fine in IE.

Of course added CSS should work fine on ruby elements.

Thanks to All and Best Regards,

> -- manu

Received on Monday, 1 February 2010 22:11:04 UTC