Re: DOM comments inside a <style> element

On 12/27/10 4:33 AM, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> <style type="text/css">p { color: red; }</style>
> <style id="mystyles" type="text/css"></style>
> <script>
> var c = document.createComment("p { color: green; }");
> document.getElementById("mystyles).appendChild(c);
> <script>
> <p>This paragraph should be green</p>
> However, the serialization of the test's DOM tree just above after
> script's execution will create a document instance containing a
> valid and parsed stylesheet since the HTML parsing
> rules create an exception if raw text contents of a style element start
> with the literal string "<!--"...

It's not HTML parsing rules that create an exception.  HTML parsing 
rules for <style> are to just parse everything inside as CDATA.  It's 
CSS parsing rules that then go ahead and ignore the "<!--".

In HTML, there is no way to produce a comment node there via the parser.

> I think WebKit is right here. For consistency reasons, comments
> programmatically added to the children of a <style> element should be
> considered as the textual concatenation of "<!--", their textual data
> and "-->".

Consistency with what?

Right now, the behavior is purely based on the DOM: the textContent of 
the <style> element is passed to the CSS parser.  At least apparently in 
non-Webkit browsers.

It sounds like you're proposing some other algorithm for determining the 
data to pass to the CSS parser.  What algorithm?


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