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On Dec 8, 2010, at 10:07 , Robin Berjon wrote:

>> 2) I am puzzled *why* the HTML spec disallows parameters.  Saying accept="video/mp4;codecs=\"mp4a,mp4v,h263,samr\"" would seem useful to me (an indication of what codecs are acceptable).
> I think that the issue with that is that the UA would have to inspect every video file in a given directory to know whether to present it to the user. That's assuming it's even implementing the file dialog itself  native file dialogs typically support filtering on some (possibly rough) equivalent of the media type, but I am not aware of one that goes into sufficient detail to support the sort of query you're describing.

OK, for file choice, I see that.  But for capture, a hint of what codecs to use is appropriate.  And even for files, we could document the parameters as suggestions, hints, requests, and not mandates.  Any steerage that the UA can get, even if it can't always act on it, is potentially helpful.  The spec. effectively says I am *not allowed* to suggest what parameter values I prefer, which is pretty odd.

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