Re: suggestion for abolition of <hgroup>

Hey Bruce,

On 2010-11-30, at 9:24 AM, Bruce Lawson wrote:

> if you have a <header> - which people have no difficulty understanding is introductory content - and, within that <header> you have adjacent headings, then the subordinate ones become subtitles, and are removed from the outline.
> So
> <header>
> <h1></h1>
> <h2>Gorgeousness in a gimp mask</h2>
> </header>
> magically removes the h2 from the outline, as it's adjacent to the <h1>

I see what you're trying to do here but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it. 

I'm afraid it would just create more confusion in authors' minds as to understand why sometimes that h2 is part of the outline and sometimes it's not. That could lead to misunderstandings we'd have to explain for years don't you think?

> The "magic" only happens with adjacent headings inside a <header>, because that element is both easily understood enough for people to find no difficulty understanding its meaning and new enought that we won't find legacy content that has adjacent headings inside a <header>.

Good point but still, the risk of confusion and misunderstanding seems pretty high to me.

I'm sure there are other examples of conditional behaviours in html that would prove I've no reason to worry, but I can't think of one right now...

Can you (or anyone) come up with any?

I mean, it would be great to do something similar with a website's logo depending if it's posted on the homepage or another page...

If homepage:

<header role=banner>
  <!-- needs to be h1 only if home page, or link if not -->
  <h1><span>Bruce Lawson&#8217;s  personal site</span></h1>

If any other page:

<header role=banner>
  <!-- needs to be h1 only if home page, or link if not -->
  <p><a href=""><span>Bruce Lawson&#8217;s  personal site</span></a></p>


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