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FYI this is related to ISSUE-9 video-accessibility: 


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Subject: Media Accessibility User Requirements Published

The HTML-A11Y Task Force Media Subteam invites your consideration of our
Media Accessibility User Requirements document, now available at:

While we continue work on this document, it has matured sufficiently to
serve as an introduction to the kinds of users and the kinds of adaptive
technologies that provide accessible alternatives to video and audio
content. Most of the alternative media we reference has a long history of
successful use--sometimes a history older than the web itself. Some of
it may prove familiar, because some of it has garnered nondisability
related adoption.

What's new--our challenge--is to provide a systematic way for the
creation and consumption of any and all of these alternative media
resources, together with the primary video and/or audio resource, across
the full range of devices and user agents that will be used for the
decade to come. It is the extent of this challenge that compelled us to
approach the problem using the classical technology development
model--starting with user requirements gathering.

We are to the point where we need to begin engaging the wider HTML 5
community in understanding the ramifications of these requirements, and
in collaborating on appropriate solutions. Thus, we invite you to become
familiar with the requirements, ask questions, offer suggestions, and
generally engage with us on next steps.

We look forward to working with you to make media on HTML 5 a compelling
and accessible experience for all users.

Over the coming weeks we will seek various opportunities to move this work
forward with you. Meanwhile, if at all possible, we would prefer email
responses via the HTML-A11Y Task Force list:

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