Re: Report on testing of the link relations registry

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Julian Reschke <>wrote:

> On 17.08.2010 01:25, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Eventually all registries held by a standards organisation go the same
>> way and become bureaucratic and difficult to use, because that is a way
>> to protect against spam registrations (and other annoying stuff). I
>> believe if we set up another registry, we will eventually run into the
>> same problems - not to speak of potential conflict with the existing
>> IANA registry. So, what is the next generation of Web standards
>> developers to do? Create a Google wave based registry on top of the then
>> existing two registries? (yes, I know, Google wave is dead - I'm just
>> using it as a placeholder for the "next big technology for document
>> authoring on the Internet").
>> Isn't there a better way where we can help IANA fix their registry to do
>> what we need it to achieve? Isn't this what harmonisation between
>> standards bodies is all about? Also, I'm not suggesting that Ian should
>> do this - in fact, I think this is totally the job of somebody in a
>> different position to an editor in the W3C. It's good to know where it's
>> up - but I think now it's time to plan with IANA a new process that
>> allows us all to move into the future.
> Silvia,
> out of curiosity: as somebody not involved in the last 4 weeks of
> discussion what's your opinion about whether there's something wrong with
> the registry? (considering it was just created, so we don't have any
> additional data than these attempts yet)
> Best regards, Julian

Indeed I am looking at this as a curious onlooker, so might not have all the
information, apologies if I am jumping to conclusions.

Actually, I was not aware that the IANA registry was only just now created,
but assumed it had existed for a while. Seeing as it's new, it should be
even easier to fix it with some cooperation from both sides.

The problems that I can see - from my limited reading of just this thread:

* If the registry does not solve the problems that the people have that want
to register a new link relation, then it's not appropriate. What I read was
that only some of the link relations were acceptable for the current
registration process, others were rejected as not appropriate. I read that
some link relations were rejected because they are only appropriate for
HTML. That is not a good position to be in and not a forward-looking
position. If it is required to make notes on the link relations what
technologies they apply to, then that's a field that the registry needs to

* Also, I read that the registration process seemed to be non-obvious. An
online form where the respective fields that need to be provide are listed,
together with information boxes (e.g. to explain what type of specification
is required - would a wiki page somewhere suffice or is a W3C recommendation
or an RFC required). Incidentally. I've seen RFCs where a link to a wiki
page that was in control of a reliable organisation was acceptable.

Other than that I didn't really see too much of an issue. Anyone who's ever
registered an RFC or a new mime type knows that there are several hoops to
jump and that's just what it takes, as long as they are not impossible to

Hope this helps.


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