ISSUE-27 and microformats process, was: Report on testing of the link relations registry

On 17.08.2010 10:56, Tantek Çelik wrote:
> ...
> I'm certainly not going to discourage you nor any other individual who
> wishes to put their personal time and effort into planning a new
> process with the IANA - if you think that's the best path forward, I
> encourage you to do the legwork to figure out a way to make it work,
> then go ahead and test it yourself, and *then* propose that to the
> Meanwhile I will humbly suggest that until a comparably easy
> process/procedure is proposed, that we (the HTMLWG) stick with what is
> working today, and has worked for many years, that is,
> 1. permit any author to propose/experiment with new rel values on the
> web (as HTML4 originally allowed, and successfully
> took advantage of and deployed with XFN)
> 2. continue maintaining's registry of existing
> rel-values (as that's been the source of the vast majority of
> successful rel-values over the past 5+ years)
> 3. continue experimenting with the WHATWG wiki registry of rel-values
> 4. encourage those that have the patience to essentially document the
> successes that come out of those aforementioned registries by creating
> RFCs for them (i.e. as rel-license eventually made its way from a
> microformat to an RFC).
> ...

Hi Tantek,

thanks for the reminder about "license".

This may be a good test, actually.

RFC 4946 (which currently servers as spec for 'license' in the IANA 
registry) defines "license" for Atom, but (I didn't check) probably not 
for HTML.

I *think* there as at least a weak consensus that it's good to have 
relations that work the same way no matter where they appear (HTML, 
Atom, Link header, whatnot).

So for "license", we should check whether the microformats spec needs 
some updates for the other formats (again, I didn't check). If and when 
it is complete, it would be an interesting experiment to register 
"license" in the IANA registry, obsoleting the existing entry.

(there may be more microformats specs with which we could do that, but 
this was the first one being mentioned :-)

Best regards, Julian

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