Re: Working Group Decision on ISSUE-30 longdesc

On 12.08.2010 01:56, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
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> The most important problem of the decision document is that it lacks a
> focus on semantics. One of the objectors, Lachlan, suggested early on
> that one could do something like this instead of using @longdesc:
> 	<a href=* rel=longdesc href=URL><img src=* alt=*></a>
> And Lachlan's proposal was spot on with regards to the *semantics* of
> @longdesc. It is the best alternative to @longdesc, so far. And, to be
> honest, I am considering accepting this decision, and instead focus on
> registering rel="longdesc" in the link type registry. The only problem
> I have, when I am considering the rel="longdesc" solution, is that your
> decision uses so much energy in stating that there is no use case, that
> I really wonder if if rel="longdesc" would have your support. Or,
> perhaps someone would point to your longdesc decision and reject
> rel="longdesc" on that ground. (Therefore, please clarify the
> contradiction I pointed to above.)
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I think a longdesc relation type could be interesting, but I'm not 
convinced it's a good substitute for @longdesc (which we should keep).

The reason for this is that

   <a href=* rel=longdesc href=URL><img src=* alt=*></a>

only works when the <img> element doesn't already have a parent <a> 
element, which is something which is used a lot.

Best regards, Julian

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