Re: request to re-open

On 11.08.2010 13:52, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Aug 2010 13:35:00 +0200, Sam Ruby <>
> wrote:
>> Agreed. Status is now OPEN.
> Shouldn't we give the editor some more time to get to the bugs? He has
> in the past and it seems unlikely he will suddenly stop doing it.
> Otherwise we are now potentially going to end up with a lot of new
> issues and a lot of extra email which will only result in more work (and
> of that mostly overhead) in the end.

If we escalate all the issues that haven't been looked at for over two 
months, that would indeed be a problem.

But it appears to me that the problem that needs to be solved is that 
they don't get attention (one of my bugs is over 3 months old with no 
action so far).

Best regards, Julian

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